Installation & Technical Specs

Thank you for Purchasing Auriculo 360!

After you purchase Auriculo 360, you’ll be sent an email to set up your account password.

Once your Auriculo 360 account is active, you can download and install the software onto your devices and sign in with your newly created account.

Please click on the appropriate button to download and install Auriculo 360 onto your device.


Once the installer has been downloaded, double-click it to start the installation process.

Windows Installation Tutorial

Mac Installation Tutorial

Phones & Tablets

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Once you’ve downloaded the app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store onto your device, log in with your account credentials. Need help with your Auriculo 360 account? Click here.

Technical Specs

Auriculo 360 Stats
• 274 points
• 210 protocols
• 41 full-color charts

Customized Protocols
• Create new points and protocols
• Edit user created points and protocols
• Edit and customize point and protocol information
• Add your own notes to any protocol or point

3D Features
• 3D Ear: view any point or protocol on an interactive, 3D ear
• 3D customization: customize or create any point or protocol on an interactive 3D ear

Other Features
• Left and right ears
• Overlay frequency zones
• Detailed search feature
• Easy-to-access legend for all charts
• Zoom any point, protocol or chart

Languages Available
• English
• French
• Spanish
• German
• Portuguese

Minimum System Requirements

• Windows 10 or 11
• 1GB hard drive space
• DirectX 10, 11, or 12 support
• Internet connection required

• Mac OS X 10.13+
• 1 GB hard drive space
• Metal Graphics Support
• Internet connection required

• iOS 10+
• iPhone 6S or newer
• iPad OS 13 or newer
• iPad Gen 5 or newer
• Internet connection required

• Android version 12 (Snow Cone) or newer
• Open GL ES2.0, 3.0+ or Vulkan Graphics Support
• 1+ GB RAM
• Internet connection required

Auriculo 360 Version History

Version 1.0.21
February 2, 2023
• Added ability to email PDF of any point, protocol, or other view of the ear along with the extra information available for that view.
• Fixed an issue that created a blank screen when editing a protocol.
• Corrected an issue that would lock up Auriculo 360 when re-naming a custom point.
• Minor improvements to point labeling algorithm to better avoid crossing lines.
• Corrected some misspellings.
• Various other small improvements and corrections.

Version 1.0.20
August 3, 2022
• All new additions for dental treatments.
• New navigation options to quickly sort the list of resources.
• Improvements to the labeling system on the 3D ear.
• Various other small improvements and bug fixes.

Version 1.0.19
June 16, 2022
• Corrections to visual glitches that happen when dragging the edges of the window to resize
• Corrections to the new point and new protocol wizard
• Various minor fixes

Version 1.0.18
Mar 31, 2022
• Added options to show points by frequency zone for colorblind users
• Improved search field behavior
• New Vertebral Column Area
• Corrected issue with certain special characters in passwords
• Updated/corrected a few translations
• Corrected issue with search results being duplicated
• Corrected issue editing custom protocols and points
• Various usability and stability improvements

Version 1.0.17
• Improved online access
• Resolved some issues with complex passwords
• Corrected issues preventing users from logging in on some devices
• Various other usability improvements

Version 1.0.16
• Full support for 5 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German
• Support for adjustable skin tone color
• Support for “offline” mode so you can work without a connection to the internet

Version 1.0.15
• Adjusted the color of the ear so custom points are more visible.
• Corrected an issue for international users unable to log in.
• Corrected an issue related to creating custom points.
• Corrected screen layout and format issues on certain screen sizes.

Version 1.0.14
• Initial Release