Account Help

To use Auriculo 360, you must have an Active Account

Before you can begin using Auriculo 360 you must purchase an Auriculo 360 plan, renewed on a yearly basis.

Don’t have an account yet?
Click here to purchase the Auriculo 360 plan that’s right for you!

Experiencing Account or Login Issues?

If you’re having problems logging into Auriculo 360, please click here to reset your password.

Please watch the tutorial video below if you need help resetting your Auriculo 360 password. If you’ve reset your password and are still experiencing login issues or have other questions about your Auriculo 360 account, please call our office at
208.846.8448 or live chat with us below!

Need to Change your Auriculo 360 Plan?

If you need to change your Auriculo 360 plan to allow for more devices, or limit the number of devices, please send an email to and we will change your plan!

Need to Change your Auriculo 360 Payment Method?

If you need to change your Auriculo 360 subscription payment method, you will need to log into your Miridia Technology store account.

Log into the Miridia Technology Store

Once you’ve logged into your store account, navigate to “My Payment Data” on the left sidebar. Enter in your corrections or add in your new payment method. Once you’ve added your new payment method, click on “Subscriptions” on the side bar. Click “Edit” on your Auriculo 360 subscription and select the right payment method for your Auriculo 360 subscription.